Unidentified_Object U_O

U_O is unspecific and unbound, a liminal space in the continuity between the virtual and the physical, between the public and the private, between the artwork and the viewer. It challenges the hermetic, institutional framework of our collective unconscious along with the structures working to contain it in its static form to render it consumable. Ever-changing and fluid, it escapes and plays with the definitions in which it can thrive.
TAKE1: Summer 2021. An unpredictable canvas. The delivery van. Three ephemeral artworks.
Our 3rd occurrence of the « canvas on wheels series » is a work by Gabrielle Rossier. You might see it driving around or parked at Brupbacherplatz. Click below on "current project" to know more about it.
>> /// current project /// #3 /// Gabrielle Rossier
>> /// 06/07/21_12/08/21 /// Have you reached the end of your known world? /// de.coherence /// Brupbacherplatz
>> /// 18/08/21_23/09/21 /// Claudia Breitschmid & Samuel Haettenschweiler
>> /// 29/09/21_04/11/21 /// Gabrielle Rossier /// opening/29/09/21 /// Brupbacherplatz


U_O was initiated by Alexander Bradley, Donia Jornod, Mona Neubauer and Jeremy Ratib.
*but it could be anyone else you want it to be.